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Depending on the amount of your investment, you can use one of the three investment plans. You can have several different plans under one account. We have developed much more than an online forex learning center. Capital Link Holdings has combined Academy learning with real forex success with our Trade Contracts. Capital Link Holdings members may choose to participate in the Capital Link Holdings automated trading platform and benefit from all Capital Link Holdings trade technology while they progress through their Trade Academy packs curriculum. Learning at your own pace has never been so rewarding. You can earn while you learn.


Knowledge is the foundation of your future success. The Capital Link Holdings Academy will be your partner in maintaining your foundation for a lifetime of financial success.


With your foundation in place, develop the skills of a profitable trader so you are taking the proper actions when the time is right.


Imagine having the skills required to understand and profit in the largest financial market in the world. Graduating through the Capital Link Holdings Academy will be one of your most valued lifetime achievements.

Welcome Capital Link Holdings Online Learning Center. The successful 5.3 trillion Forex Market now available to 8million people.
The power of connection

Empowering the Capital Link Holdings family with the knowledge and financial success to change the world around them.


If you have the desire to change your future, we have the tools to make you successful


Virtual is the new classroom, borders and boundaries cannot limit your success any longer.

Knowledge can take you anywhere

By combining our team of dedicated experts with our powerful Academy learning platform, Capital Link Holdings members can reach their goals more quickly and easily than previously possible.

The foreign exchange market, most exciting and captivating markets in the financial world.

From the global banking community, to national governments. From multinational corporation to tens of millions of home-based traders, Forex is for everyone.

The Capital Link Holdings Academy ensures the best possible chance of success for experienced traders and those brand new to Forex. .

eLearning with advantage

Video Courses


Our academy is perfect for the brand-new trader and for those who have been in business but have not yet managed to find their own successful path in forex.
Live Webinars


We offer a unique perspective that you won’t find any place else.
Interactive Quizzes


The benefit of learning takes on an entirely new meaning when you can secure your financial future in the process.

What Makes Us Stand Out

What makes our investment system distinguish us from others and is the best in the market

Daily Income

You will earn 1.40% every 24 hours from Monday through Friday.

Full Control of Investment

You can make your deposit at any time. We will only charge you a 15% withdrawal fee.

Fast Withdrawals

Your withdrawal will be processed by our operators as fast as possible. Maximum waiting time is up to 48 hours (Payout 15th and 30th)

Guaranteed Profit

By using Capital Link Holdings you have a guaranteed daily profit of 1.40% depending on the chosen investment plan.

Data Protection

We make every effort to ensure that your data and funds are 100% secured. We only use secure connections and top-class servers.

24/7 Live Support

Our agents are available and always ready to help you on chat 24/7. You can also contact us via email or social media.


Do I need any trading skills?
Absolutely not, our asset management system works in such a way that our traders manage your funds and professionally invest them, providing you with a guaranteed daily profit. This is 100% passive income, regardless of your knowledge or skills.
How long do I have to wait for withdrawal?
The waiting time for withdrawal does not exceed 48 hours. In our 24/7 work, our operators always make payouts as quickly as possible.
What minimum and maximum amount can I invest?

Minimum deposit amount: for the Beginner plan is $100, Supreme plan is $ 40,000. If you make a deposit using cryptocurrencies, the declared amount will be converted at the current market exchange rate.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount: $100 Dollars. There is no maximum withdrawal amount. If you make a withdrawal using cryptocurrencies amount will be converted at the current rate.

Currency Converter

The Fx Eco Trade Option Investment Currency Converter tool helps you to convert
cryptocurrency to your local currency and vice versa